Blow Molding Troubleshooting Guide Top 5 Problems

Blow Molding Troubleshooting Guide – Top 5 Problems

Blow Molding Troubleshooting Guide – Top 5 Problems – Extrusion Blow Molding is a popular process for the production of HDPE chemical drums, edible oil jerry cans, beverage, chemical or pharmaceutical bottles, and more. Such popularity comes from being the most economical and highest production output forming process of plastic products that are not only durable, but very high quality. However, there is a chance of encountering some problems during this process, so when it comes to blow molding defects, it is extremely important that you learn to identify their origin and know how to handle each of them.

This blow molding troubleshooting guide will therefore introduce you to the Top 6 Common Defects and Problems of HDPE Extrusion Blow Molding, their possible causes, and solutions and recommendations which can help you obtain the best plastic products possible.

Top 5 Problems and Solutions

Becoming familiarized with blow molding defects should always be a priority. This way, when production problems arise, coming up with an efficient solution will not take too long and overall plant productivity will be kept. Therefore, this leaves no doubt that having a proactive approach to blow molding troubleshooting is necessary to prevent delays and maintain a company’s overall performance.

Blow molding troubleshooting includes a variety of defects including the following:

1.  Leakage

Leakage from HDPE bottles can be caused by many reasons, it can be due to tear in the bottle’s wall, poor welding of the molten plastic in areas such as the bottom, side or top handles; it can also be caused by the melted resin being contaminated by dirt or impurities coming from recycled material, which can lead to the product’s walls not being leakproof.

For plastic products with a narrow neck (such as bottles, jerry cans and narrow mouth drums) the source of the leakage can be at the top surface of the neck and might be a little harder to detect. When designing the tooling for your product, the blow molding manufacturer must make sure the blow pin nozzle and the mold are the perfect match, depending on the parison wall thickness, the gap between these two should be narrow enough to let the blow pin push the material inside the mold so the plastic can fill the space between the mold and the blow pin, hence making the top of the neck flat (avoiding leakage when sealing the container). If this gap is too big, the material will not be pushed inwards to fill the space and the top surface of the neck will not be flat, thus, causing leakage.

2. Rocker Bottoms

Why are rocker bottoms caused in bottles? Unstable or rocker bottoms of blow molded bottles is a problem usually caused by insufficient cooling of the blown bottle before removing it from its mold. If this is the case, try increasing the water flow of your cooling system. If there is still no result, you can also check the blow molding machine’s cooling channels for any blockage and clean them. Sometimes, the problem can be caused by excessive thickness of the parison in the flasher area at the bottom, this causes the mold to not fully close at this point and the material not touching the mold completely as it is supposed to; thus, make sure the parison thickness at this area is adequate to allow the mold to fully close.

Additionally, rocker bottoms can also be originated by poor air exhaust from the product’s neck after the blowing cycle has finished and before the mold opens; as when the product is being formed, there is air being blown at a constant pressure pushing the Parison walls against the mold, so when this process finishes, the blow pin nozzle should slightly retract and allow the extra pressure out, otherwise this pressure will most likely expand the product at the bottom, hence resulting in an unstable bottle.

3. Tearing of Welding Line at Pinch-off (or Deflashing)

Tearing of a container when deflashing the flasher material can happen and especially at the welding lines of the product (such as handle areas and the product’s bottom), a very common cause of this issue is the mold close slow speed. What does this mean exactly? To catch the parison inside, the clamping unit must close the blow mold in two steps: 1st mold close (fast speed) and 2nd mold close (slow speed), the purpose of the 2nd mold close with slow speed is to push the material inwards the mold in order to form strong welding lines, and thus, avoid tearing at these areas when removing the scrap material. So, if your bottle, drum or jerry can is having this problem, try reducing the speed of the mold slow close.

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Blow Molding Troubleshooting Guide Top 5 Problems

If after reducing the mold slow close speed the problem persists, then it might be that the parison thickness is too thin at the handle area of the jerry can or that the bottom flasher area is not enough to form a strong welding line, therefore, try increasing the thickness profile at these points in the parison so that when the mold closes, there is sufficient material to support the welding.

If the tearing keeps happening after implementing these two solutions, then the problem might come from a poor cooling system design of the mold.

4. Surface wall defects

From almost unnoticeable defects like tiny black spots, to larger ones like horizontal ring-like lines, vertical streaking lines, wall bubbles, and rough, rippled or “orange peel” like surfaces, these can all affect your bottles and appear due to many different reasons.

Black spots

Black spots can be caused by foreign matter or old resin (which has already degraded) inside the extruder die head that contaminated the melt and resulted in different colored spots on your jerry can or bottle. Sometimes, the foreign matter or old resin might be stuck inside the die bushing and causes a distortion or vertical line in the extruded parison, thus marking streaking lines in the product; the solution to this is to find where in the die head the contamination is and clean it thoroughly.

Wall bubbles

As for wall bubbles, these are caused by moisture or water particles condensed in the cold resin due to warm and high humidity climates. To avoid this, you can install a hopper dryer or try to keep the resin warm to evaporate the condensed water before it goes into the extruder hopper; also make sure cooling water flow in the extruder feed opening is not so high.

Horizontal ring-like line

When a horizontal ring-like line is formed around your drum or jerry can, it means the parison thickness difference between two consecutive points is too large, hence, the parison thickness controller will move the die or die mandrel too fast, resulting in a ring-like line showing on your product. To prevent this, gradually increase/decrease the thickness between the profile points, also keep the thickness of the first and last profile points the same or very close.

Rippled surface or orange peel

A rough surface that seems rippled or like orange peel, is caused by the parison wall coming into contact with the cold mold surface two times intermittently instead of just once, therefore, prematurely solidifying the wall before it is blown and then stretching it a second time, which does not allow the parison wall to be smoothed out. This situation can happen especially with oval shaped jerry cans and bottles because the parison is too narrow, so the pre-blow is set high in order to expand it and get an oval shape-like parison before the cycle blow. To solve this, try using a bigger die mouth so you can reduce the pre-blow, the oval shape needed for the bottle will be formed with the cutting and sealing unit of the blow molding machine.

5. Uneven Radial Wall Thickness Distribution

An even wall thickness distribution of your jerry can, bottle or drum´s wall is very important to avoid excessive shrinkage of the product and overall bad quality. How does this happen? A product with an uneven radial thickness will have a thinner side that will be cooled down faster than the one with wider thickness, therefore requiring a longer cooling time otherwise the bottle will shrink too much.

To solve this, try aligning the die mandrel(pin) and the die until the extruded parison looks straight. Because parisons with bigger diameters are easier to control than narrower ones, you can also try to increase the die mouth diameter and reduce the pre-blow of the parison as well.

Ta Grant, inc. To Provide National Sales Representation

Ta Grant, inc. To Provide National Sales Representation

Mechanical installations

Mechanical installations

Mechanical installations – Maverick Systems provides mechanical construction and installation solutions for pneumatic conveying systems for the handling of dry bulk material, whether it be pellet, granule, powder or flakes. Maverick has experience with systems of all sizes, from single resin conveyor systems to large multi-station material handling system installations, plant re-locations, mezzanine & film tower fabrication, installation and laser alignment of equipment, custom machine base foundations ,Silo pads and silo installation.

We specialize in professional millright alignment and installation of process systems and machinery. Plastics Installation Services Include:


  • Blown film towers
  • Resin silos (welded steel or bolted)
  • Material handling systems
  • Complete extrusion systems
  • Complete plant relocations
  • Tubing, hardware, auxiliary equipment
  • Pads & Foundations
  • Mezzanines

Mechanical installations

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  • Resin storage bins (steel or aluminum)
  • Blown film towers
  • Mezzanines
  • Cast film lines
  • Sheeting lines



  • Extruder Barrel
  • IM Platen Alignment
  • Die to Nip Roll
  • Primary Nip Roll to Winder Parallelism
  • Motor Coupling

Injection Molding Service and Repair

Injection Molding Service and Repair

Injection Molding Service and Repair – Maverick Systems offers troubleshooting and repair of Injection Molding machines, including all equipment related to the molding process: Material handling, loaders, dryers, hot runner controls, robots and pickers, color mixing and material mixing equipment, cooling towers, pneumatic systems, hydraulic troubleshooting and repair, control issues, platen alignment, and tie bar inspection/replacement.

In addition we offer complete installation of injection molding equipment from arrival to production with a strong after installation commitment to the customer.

We strive to offer a complete maintenance and repair service no matter what brand of injection molding machine you own.


Maverick Systems technicians have over 30 years of experience in installation and maintenance of injection molding machines and we continue our training in the latest technologies to provide the highest quality of service to our customers. We work closely with manufacturers to ensure top quality repairs and stay within OEM specifications during an installation or retrofit. In addition to the newest machines on the market, we also service older models that are typically out of warranty and are no longer serviced by the OEM.


Are you experiencing any of these issues?

  • Slow recovery times
  • Having trouble with the hydraulics
  • Issues with the control
  • Process problems
  • Molds do not align properly
  • Platens aren’t parallel
  • PM program not satisfactory

Injection Molding Service and Repair

Maverick Systems Corporation Services

  • Injection molding and extruder repair
  • Complete maintenance programs
  • Control repair and troubleshooting
  • PM programs
  • Repair to OEM specs
  • Material-handling systems
  • Retro fitting older machines
  • Peripheral equipment
  • Retrofit to customer specs
  • Hydraulic system troubleshooting
  • Extruder barrel laser alignment
  • Injection molding machine leveling
  • Motor coupling laser alignment
  • Platen parallelism alignment
  • Barrel wear inspection
  • Platen center alignment
  • Screw wear inspection
  • Tie bar inspection
  • Seized screw removal
  • Bent tie bar removal and installation

Auxiliary equipment including

  • Hot runner systems
  • Pneumatic control and supply
  • Material handling
  • Bed conveyor and overhead conveyor
  • Color mixing and material mixing
  • Dryer systems
  • Water-cooling systems
  • Barrel heater bands
  • Film lines
  • Blow form lines
Other services provided include turnkey installations, foundations engineered for your specific needs, grouting of machine bases, and isolator pads designed for injection mold machines and extruders.


Maverick Systems Corporation provides a complete solution to the plastics processing field. Located in Hurst, Texas 5-miles from DFW Airport. We provide local service to the Metroplex and surrounding areas as well as nationwide including Mexico and Canada.

machine tool laser alignment and calibration

machine tool laser alignment and calibration

machine tool laser alignment and calibration – Reduce scrap parts and protect your investment by having a quarterly or annual machine tool laser alignment. Machine tool alignment and calibration is required to maintain your ISO certification!

There is much more to maintenance than keeping the machine running!

One of the most critical factors in any machine tool maintenance program is knowing your machine’s level of accuracy and tolerances. Your machine tool should be level, flat, and square in all axes, mechanically adjusted to acceptable tolerances, and any linear error should be corrected to OEM specifications – which includes documentation certifying the accuracy of the machine.

Significantly Reduce Part Setup Time

One benefit of having a properly aligned machine tool is that part setup time is significantly reduced. An article in the October 1998 issue of Quality in Manufacturing Magazine describes the incredible benefit of laser alignment to the John Deere Corporation. In the words of Jim Abitz, tool and die maker, “…[laser alignment] makes the operators a lot happier because they don’t have to struggle for two or three shifts to get a machine to work properly.”

Our Lasers Align 70% Faster Than Other Methods

Continuously sweeping lasers and live data output create a powerful combination to align machining centers up to 70% faster than traditional or interferometer methods. Downed machines will be up and running, producing quality parts in record time. Hamar’s continuously sweeping lasers are far superior to other point-and-shoot laser systems that require time-consuming manual laser rotation and target setup for each point measured. They also allow the use of multiple targets, which is especially helpful for large machine tools.

Simultaneously Measure 3 Axes with One Setup

Another great time saver is the laser’s ability to measure the three main axes of a machine at the same time. Not only can we measure the flatness and straightness of each axis, but we can also measure the squareness of the three axes. And if there are any additional axes, such as a rotary table or extending quill, we can easily check the parallelism to the main machine axes with the same setup!

How many of the statements below describe your machine? Do you know?

Circle interpolation perfect.
Part programs never edited.
Zero offsets in control.
Shims are never required.
Holds thickness tolerance.

machine tool laser alignment and calibration

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Hole locations are exact.
Top and bottom parallel
All sides square.
Surface finish smooth
180° center locations precise.
If three or more of the items above don’t describe your machine or the parts it produces then you probably have a misalignment or calibration issue. Machine tool alignment and calibration issues don’t go away, they get worse and create more problems and significant downtime. That’s why it’s critical to remove as many elements out of the equation as possible. Depending on the size and numbers of axes of the machine tool, the inspection and correction process for your geometrical errors and calibration of your linear axes may render your machine inoperable for a short time. However, once the initial corrections have been made, minor adjustments should be all that’s required if you have a scheduled inspection and correction performed annually.

Get an Annual Checkup

At Maverick Systems Corporation, we recommend performing a machine tool laser alignment and calibration check on an annual basis after the initial alignment has been performed. Afterwards, any problems that arise can be addressed immediately and corrected quickly.

The Machine Tool Alignment Process

During the course of a typical alignment and calibration session of a machine tool, it is not unusual to encounter some hidden problems. This is where our experience pays off. Having worked on a wide variety of machine tools, we can efficiently identify the problems and correct them as necessary.

Beginning with the machine base, we laser level and align it back to OEM specifications. Next, the ball screw is checked for endplay, and adjusted if needed. The gibs are then checked and adjusted back to specifications. Finally, we continue through all axes of the machine, ensuring the axes are square, parallel, and perpendicular to one another.

The geometry’s of the machine must be aligned before performing any linear calibrations as errors in geometry can effect the linear movement. After completion of alignment, we then proceed on with the linear error compensation of the axes in the control.

Return on Investment

Whether it’s one machine or an entire shop, Maverick Systems Corporation can set up your company with a scheduled laser alignment and calibration program that will fit your maintenance calendar. Your ROI will be immediate and your overall maintenance budget will go down.

It’s time to incorporate laser alignment and calibrations into your maintenance schedule.

PSG make surprise contact with Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta after Julian Nagelsmann talks collapse

PSG make surprise contact with Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta after Julian Nagelsmann talks collapse

  • PSG open talks with Arteta
  • Luis Campos keen on a deal
  • PSG had targeted Nagelsmann

WHAT HAPPENED? RMC reports that PSG sporting advisor Campos has contacted Arteta and has spoken to him about the prospect moving to the French capital. The club relieved Christophe Galtier of his duties at the end of the season and had looked poised to appoint Nagelsmann, but those talks collapsed earlier this week.

PSG make surprise contact with Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta after Julian Nagelsmann talks collapse

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Arteta may have spoken to PSG but the report claims the club are pessimistic about their chances of appointing the Spaniard, who has just guided the Gunners to an impressive second-placed finish in the Premier League. The Gunners are also pressing ahead with summer plans as they attempt to strengthen his squad, amid links with the likes of West Ham star Declan Rice and Chelsea’s Kai Havertz.

AND WHAT’S MORE: PSG have also been linked with a potential move to appoint former midfielder Thiago Motta, who is currently managing Bologna in Serie A, and it appears that they are assessing their options as they gauge interest in the position, with Porto boss Sergio Conceicao also a touted option. Whoever comes into the club will have to deal with the immediate issue of Kylian Mbappe’s future, as he could join Real Madrid after informing the club that he does not intend to renew his contract beyond its expiry next summer.

WHAT NEXT? PSG will attempt to bring in a new manager swiftly, as they kick off their pre-season preparations against Al-Nassr on July 25.

Explained: Why Christian Pulisic may not complete much-desired move away from Chelsea this summer

Explained: Why Christian Pulisic may not complete much-desired move away from Chelsea this summer

  • USA international keen on exit
  • Struggling to find new club
  • Blues happy to sell

WHAT HAPPENED? Manager Mauricio Pochettino is likely to oversee a clearout this summer as he bids to trim a bloated squad but the club are finding it difficult to shift the players they would like to move on. Pulisic is deemed a saleable asset who would be happy to leave but his future is complicated by a lack of suitors.

WHY CAN’T PULISIC LEAVE? The US men’s national team star has struggled to find a club willing to take on his wages, which stand at over £200,000-per-week, as per the Daily Mail. Pulisic is said to be keen to remain in England but other Premier League clubs deem his salary prohibitively expensive. Juventus, who have been linked with the forward recently, could feel the same.

Explained: Why Christian Pulisic may not complete much-desired move away from Chelsea this summer

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Pulisic struggled for minutes last season, as he made just eight Premier League starts. It remains to be seen if he is deemed a first-team player by Pochettino in 2023/24.

WHAT’S NEXT? Chelsea are attempting to overhaul their squad this summer and are in negotiations to sell both Mason Mount to Manchester United and Kai Havertz to Arsenal. N’Golo Kante is also expected to join Al-Ittihad, while Mateo Kovacic may join Manchester City.

Jadwal Lengkap BRI Liga 1 2023/2024

Jadwal Lengkap BRI Liga 1 2023/2024

https://www.mavericksystemscorp.com/ – Jadwal lengkap BRI Liga 1 2023/2024. BRI Liga 1 akan dimulai pada hari Sabtu, 1 Juli 2023. Duel antara Persija Jakarta vs PSM Makassar di Stadion Gelora Bung Karno bakal menjadi laga pembuka.

PSM Makassar adalah juara bertahan di BRI Liga 1. Sedangkan, Persija Jakarta adalah runner-up musim lalu. Jadi, laga pembuka antara kedua tim merupakan pertemuan yang ideal.

Pada pekan pertama, selain duel Persija dan PSM, ada duel menarik lain yakni Persis Solo yang menjamu Persebaya Surabaya. Duel antara dua tim klasik tersebut akan dimainkan di Stadion Manahan pada hari Minggu, 2 Juli 2023.

Persebaya punya target juara pada musim 2023/2024. Di bawah kendali pelatih Aji Santoso, Persebaya merekrut beberapa pemain top. Sedangkan, Persis relatif lebih tenang di bursa transfer jika dibanding musim lalu.

Jadwal Pekan ke-1 Liga 1 2023/2024

Sabtu, 1 Juli 2023

15.00 WIB: Persija Vs PSM Makassar
19.00 WIB: Bali United Vs PSS Sleman

Minggu, 2 Juli 2023

15.00 WIB: Dewa United Vs Arema FC
15.00 WIB: Persib Vs Madura United
19.00 WIB: Persis Solo Vs Persebaya
19.00 WIB: Barito Putera Vs Persita

Senin, 3 Juli 2023

15.00 WIB: RANS Nusantara Vs Persikabo 1973
15.00 WIB: Persik Vs Borneo FC
19.00 WIB: PSIS Vs Bhayangkara FC

Jadwal Pekan ke-2 Liga 1 2023/2024

Jumat, 7 Juli 2023

15.00 WIB: Arema FC Vs Persib
19.00 WIB: PSS Vs Persis Solo

Sabtu, 8 Juli 2023

15.00 WIB: Borneo FC Vs Bali United
15.00 WIB: Persita Vs PSIS
19.00 WIB: Persebaya Vs Barito Putera
19.00 WIB: PSM Vs Dewa United

Minggu, 9 Juli 2023

15.00 WIB: Madura United Vs Persik
19.00 WIB: Persikabo Vs Persija
19.00 WIB: Bhayangkara FC Vs RANS Nusantara

Jadwal Pekan ke-3 Liga 1 2023/2024

Jumat, 14 Juli 2023

15.00 WIB: Barito Putera Vs PSS
15.00 WIB: Persikabo Vs PSM
19.00 WIB: Persib Vs Dewa United

Sabtu, 15 Juli 2023

15.00 WIB: Persis Solo Vs Borneo FC
15.00 WIB: Persik Vs Arema FC
19.00 WIB: Bali United Vs Madura United

Minggu, 16 Juli 2023

15.00 WIB: RANS Nusantara Vs Persita
15.00 WIB: PSIS Vs Persebaya
19.00 WIB: Persija Vs Bhayangkara FC

Jadwal Pekan ke-4 Liga 1 2023/2024

Jumat, 21 Juli 2023

15.00 WIB: Borneo FC Vs Barito Putera
15.00 WIB: Dewa United Vs Persik
19.00 WIB: Arema FC Vs Bali United

Sabtu, 22 Juli 2023

15.00 WIB: Bhayangkara FC Vs Persikabo
15.00 WIB: Persita Vs Persija
19.00 WIB: PSS Vs PSIS
19.00 WIB: PSM Vs Persib

Minggu, 23 Juli 2023

15.00 WIB: Madura United Vs Persis Solo
19.00 WIB: Persebaya Vs RANS Nusantara

Jadwal Lengkap BRI Liga 1 2023/2024

Jadwal Pekan ke-5 Liga 1 2023/2024

Jumat, 28 Juli 2023

15.00 WIB: PSIS Vs Borneo FC
15.00 WIB: Persikabo Vs Persita
19.00 WIB: Persik Vs Persib

Sabtu, 29 Juli 2023

15.00 WIB: Bali United Vs Dewa United
19.00 WIB: Bhayangkara FC Vs PSM

Minggu, 30 Juli 2023

15.00 WIB: RANS Nusantara Vs PSS
15.00 WIB: Persija Vs Persebaya
19.00 WIB: Persis Solo Vs Arema FC
19.00 WIB: Barito Putera Vs Madura United

Jadwal Pekan ke-6 Liga 1 2023/2024

Kamis, 3 Agustus 2023

15.00 WIB: PSM Vs Persik
19.00 WIB: Persita Vs Bhayangkara FC
19.00 WIB: Persib Vs Bali United

Jumat, 4 Agustus 2023

15.00 WIB: Persebaya Vs Persikabo
19.00 WIB: PSS Vs Persija
19.00 WIB: Dewa United Vs Persis Solo
19.00 WIB: Borneo FC Vs RANS Nusantara

Sabtu, 5 Agustus 2023

15.00 WIB: Arema FC Vs Barito Putera
19.00 WIB: Madura United Vs PSIS

Jadwal Pekan ke-7 Liga 1 2023/2024

Senin, 7 Agustus 2023

15.00 WIB: Persita Vs PSM
19.00 WIB: Bali United Vs Persik

Selasa, 8 Agustus 2023

15.00 WIB: Bhayangkara FC Vs Persebaya
19.00 WIB: Persikabo Vs PSS
19.00 WIB: Persis Solo Vs Persib

Rabu, 9 Agustus 2023

15.00 WIB: Barito Putera Vs Dewa United
15.00 WIB: PSIS Vs Arema FC
19.00 WIB: Persija Vs Borneo FC
19.00 WIB: RANS Nusantara Vs Madura United

Jadwal Pekan ke-8 Liga 1 2023/2024

Jumat, 11 Agustus 2023

15.00 WIB: PSM Vs Bali United

Sabtu, 12 Agustus 2023

15.00 WIB: Persik Vs Persis Solo
19.00 WIB: Persebaya Vs Persita

Minggu, 12 Agustus 2023

15.00 WIB: Borneo FC Vs Persikabo
15.00 WIB: Persib Vs Barito Putera
19.00 WIB: Madura United Vs Persija

Senin, 14 Agustus 2023

15.00 WIB: Dewa United Vs PSIS
19.00 WIB: Arema FC Vs RANS Nusantara

Jadwal Pekan ke-9 Liga 1 2023/2024

Jumat, 18 Agustus 2023

15.00 WIB: Persikabo Vs Madura United
15.00 WIB: Persita Vs PSS
19.00 WIB: Bhayangkara FC Vs Borneo FC

Sabtu, 19 Agustus 2023

15.00 WIB: RANS Nusantara Vs Dewa United
15.00 WIB: Persija Vs Arema FC
19.00 WIB: PSIS Vs Persib
19.00 WIB: Barito Putera Vs Persik

Minggu, 20 Agustus 2023

15.00 WIB: Persis Solo Vs Bali United
19.00 WIB: Persebaya Vs PSM

Jadwal Pekan ke-10 Liga 1 2023/2024

Jumat, 25 Agustus 2023

15.00 WIB: Persik Vs PSIS
15.00 WIB: Madura United Vs Bhayangkara FC
19.00 WIB: Borneo FC Vs Persita
19.00 WIB: Dewa United Vs Persija

Sabtu, 26 Agustus 2023

15.00 WIB: PSS Vs Persebaya
15.00 WIB: Arema FC Vs Persikabo
19.00 WIB: Persib Vs RANS Nusantara

Minggu, 27 Agustus 2023

15.00 WIB: Bali United Vs Barito Putera
19.00 WIB: PSM Vs Persis Solo