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Injection Molding Service and Repair

Injection Molding Service and Repair

Injection Molding Service and Repair – Maverick Systems offers troubleshooting and repair of Injection Molding machines, including all equipment related to the molding process: Material handling, loaders, dryers, hot runner controls, robots and pickers, color mixing and material mixing equipment, cooling towers, pneumatic systems, hydraulic troubleshooting and repair, control issues, platen alignment, and tie bar inspection/replacement.

In addition we offer complete installation of injection molding equipment from arrival to production with a strong after installation commitment to the customer.

We strive to offer a complete maintenance and repair service no matter what brand of injection molding machine you own.


Maverick Systems technicians have over 30 years of experience in installation and maintenance of injection molding machines and we continue our training in the latest technologies to provide the highest quality of service to our customers. We work closely with manufacturers to ensure top quality repairs and stay within OEM specifications during an installation or retrofit. In addition to the newest machines on the market, we also service older models that are typically out of warranty and are no longer serviced by the OEM.


Are you experiencing any of these issues?

  • Slow recovery times
  • Having trouble with the hydraulics
  • Issues with the control
  • Process problems
  • Molds do not align properly
  • Platens aren’t parallel
  • PM program not satisfactory

Injection Molding Service and Repair

Maverick Systems Corporation Services

  • Injection molding and extruder repair
  • Complete maintenance programs
  • Control repair and troubleshooting
  • PM programs
  • Repair to OEM specs
  • Material-handling systems
  • Retro fitting older machines
  • Peripheral equipment
  • Retrofit to customer specs
  • Hydraulic system troubleshooting
  • Extruder barrel laser alignment
  • Injection molding machine leveling
  • Motor coupling laser alignment
  • Platen parallelism alignment
  • Barrel wear inspection
  • Platen center alignment
  • Screw wear inspection
  • Tie bar inspection
  • Seized screw removal
  • Bent tie bar removal and installation

Auxiliary equipment including

  • Hot runner systems
  • Pneumatic control and supply
  • Material handling
  • Bed conveyor and overhead conveyor
  • Color mixing and material mixing
  • Dryer systems
  • Water-cooling systems
  • Barrel heater bands
  • Film lines
  • Blow form lines
Other services provided include turnkey installations, foundations engineered for your specific needs, grouting of machine bases, and isolator pads designed for injection mold machines and extruders.


Maverick Systems Corporation provides a complete solution to the plastics processing field. Located in Hurst, Texas 5-miles from DFW Airport. We provide local service to the Metroplex and surrounding areas as well as nationwide including Mexico and Canada.

machine tool laser alignment and calibration

machine tool laser alignment and calibration

machine tool laser alignment and calibration – Reduce scrap parts and protect your investment by having a quarterly or annual machine tool laser alignment. Machine tool alignment and calibration is required to maintain your ISO certification!

There is much more to maintenance than keeping the machine running!

One of the most critical factors in any machine tool maintenance program is knowing your machine’s level of accuracy and tolerances. Your machine tool should be level, flat, and square in all axes, mechanically adjusted to acceptable tolerances, and any linear error should be corrected to OEM specifications – which includes documentation certifying the accuracy of the machine.

Significantly Reduce Part Setup Time

One benefit of having a properly aligned machine tool is that part setup time is significantly reduced. An article in the October 1998 issue of Quality in Manufacturing Magazine describes the incredible benefit of laser alignment to the John Deere Corporation. In the words of Jim Abitz, tool and die maker, “…[laser alignment] makes the operators a lot happier because they don’t have to struggle for two or three shifts to get a machine to work properly.”

Our Lasers Align 70% Faster Than Other Methods

Continuously sweeping lasers and live data output create a powerful combination to align machining centers up to 70% faster than traditional or interferometer methods. Downed machines will be up and running, producing quality parts in record time. Hamar’s continuously sweeping lasers are far superior to other point-and-shoot laser systems that require time-consuming manual laser rotation and target setup for each point measured. They also allow the use of multiple targets, which is especially helpful for large machine tools.

Simultaneously Measure 3 Axes with One Setup

Another great time saver is the laser’s ability to measure the three main axes of a machine at the same time. Not only can we measure the flatness and straightness of each axis, but we can also measure the squareness of the three axes. And if there are any additional axes, such as a rotary table or extending quill, we can easily check the parallelism to the main machine axes with the same setup!

How many of the statements below describe your machine? Do you know?

Circle interpolation perfect.
Part programs never edited.
Zero offsets in control.
Shims are never required.
Holds thickness tolerance.

machine tool laser alignment and calibration

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Hole locations are exact.
Top and bottom parallel
All sides square.
Surface finish smooth
180° center locations precise.
If three or more of the items above don’t describe your machine or the parts it produces then you probably have a misalignment or calibration issue. Machine tool alignment and calibration issues don’t go away, they get worse and create more problems and significant downtime. That’s why it’s critical to remove as many elements out of the equation as possible. Depending on the size and numbers of axes of the machine tool, the inspection and correction process for your geometrical errors and calibration of your linear axes may render your machine inoperable for a short time. However, once the initial corrections have been made, minor adjustments should be all that’s required if you have a scheduled inspection and correction performed annually.

Get an Annual Checkup

At Maverick Systems Corporation, we recommend performing a machine tool laser alignment and calibration check on an annual basis after the initial alignment has been performed. Afterwards, any problems that arise can be addressed immediately and corrected quickly.

The Machine Tool Alignment Process

During the course of a typical alignment and calibration session of a machine tool, it is not unusual to encounter some hidden problems. This is where our experience pays off. Having worked on a wide variety of machine tools, we can efficiently identify the problems and correct them as necessary.

Beginning with the machine base, we laser level and align it back to OEM specifications. Next, the ball screw is checked for endplay, and adjusted if needed. The gibs are then checked and adjusted back to specifications. Finally, we continue through all axes of the machine, ensuring the axes are square, parallel, and perpendicular to one another.

The geometry’s of the machine must be aligned before performing any linear calibrations as errors in geometry can effect the linear movement. After completion of alignment, we then proceed on with the linear error compensation of the axes in the control.

Return on Investment

Whether it’s one machine or an entire shop, Maverick Systems Corporation can set up your company with a scheduled laser alignment and calibration program that will fit your maintenance calendar. Your ROI will be immediate and your overall maintenance budget will go down.

It’s time to incorporate laser alignment and calibrations into your maintenance schedule.

Kai Havertz to Arsenal & Mateo Kovacic to Man City for £90m: Are Chelsea making a mistake selling to their Premier League rivals?

Kai Havertz to Arsenal & Mateo Kovacic to Man City for £90m: Are Chelsea making a mistake selling to their Premier League rivals?

Mavericksystemscorp.comChelsea are selling two of their first-team regulars to their Premier League rivals this summer – are they making a terrible mistake?

Chelsea need to trim their bloated squad and Mauricio Pochettino is wasting no time in doing so. Mateo Kovacic is closing in on a £25 million ($32m) switch to Manchester City, while Arsenal are on the verge of completing a £65m ($83m) move for Germany international Kai Havertz.

Kai Havertz to Arsenal & Mateo Kovacic to Man City for £90m: Are Chelsea making a mistake selling to their Premier League rivals?

Neither player was at their best in a dismal 2022-23 campaign for the Blues but the decision to sell to Premier League rivals – with Mason Mount also likely to sign for Manchester United this summer – is likely to be questioned and criticised by supporters.

But what do you think? Is reducing the squad more important than the next destination for some of Chelsea’s underperforming stars? Let us know in the comments below!


Explained: How Real Madrid embarrassingly tagged 'Mbappe Is Sh*t' in deleted Twitter post

Explained: How Real Madrid embarrassingly tagged ‘Mbappe Is Sh*t’ in deleted Twitter post

  • French star won’t extend deal at PSG
  • Continues to be linked with the Blancos
  • Social media activity causing a stir

WARNING: This article contains language that some people may find offensive

WHAT HAPPENED? The Liga giants have been pursuing the World Cup-winning forward for some time, with the France international registering on their recruitment radar across spells at Monaco and Paris Saint-Germain. The Blancos are looking to lure the talented 24-year-old to Spain at some point in the near future, and will hope that he can see the funny side of a social media mishap that resulted in an X-rated slur being aimed in his direction.

Explained: How Real Madrid embarrassingly tagged 'Mbappe Is Sh*t' in deleted Twitter post

HOW DID THE MBAPPE TAG HAPPEN? Real quickly deleted the post in question, which was automatically generated. The post did not appear on the club’s profile and was only published on public timelines once the recipient retweeted it. The tool used by the Blancos tags people that like a specific post, allowing them to then push said content out to their followers. In this case, the user was able to change their Twitter handle to “MbappeIsSh*t” in a bid to make Madrid look rather foolish.

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Mbappe has revealed that he will not be taking up a 12-month extension option in his contract at PSG through to 2025, meaning that a transfer door has swung open once again for Real. Any deal will not come cheap, though, with the Blancos having previously failed with bids of €200 million-plus (£172m/$220m).

WHAT’S NEXT: Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has stated that no moves for Mbappe will be made in the current transfer window, but that situation may change as PSG are eager to avoid seeing a prized asset run his deal down towards free agency in 2024.

In which position will Lionel Messi play if he returns to Barcelona? Xavi Answer

In which position will Lionel Messi play if he returns to Barcelona? Xavi Answer

Mavericksystemscorp.comXavi has outlined how he will shape a Barcelona team if Lionel Messi returns to the Catalan club.

Xavi explains Messi’s position

La Pulga is said to be leaving PSG

Messi can play in many positions according to Xavi

In which position will Lionel Messi play if he returns to Barcelona? Xavi Answer

Barcelona coach Xavi has revealed where Lionel Messi will play for his team if the Argentinian superstar returns to the Blaugrana.

The 2022 World Cup winner has been linked with a return to Barca as his contract at Paris Saint-Germain expires this summer.

According to Xavi, Messi can occupy multiple positions and will be an integral part of Barcelona’s future success if he returns to Catalunya.


Speaking to Sport, the former Barcelona midfielder explained how the Blaugrana will adopt the same playing style even after La Pulga’s return: “It will be practically the same, the idea and model will be the same. Leo can play in various positions, in many positions: as a false nine, as a winger, as an inside player, even behind to make the last pass.”


Many critics have questioned Messi’s defensive abilities and whether he will fit into Xavi’s system in a Barcelona side that is seeking European glory next season. To brush those accusations aside, Xavi said: “In the end, you can’t ask [Ousmane] Dembele to have the same level of defense as [Jules] Kounde.”


Reports suggest Messi could leave PSG at the end of the season and the Argentina captain intends to stay in Europe for a few more seasons, which could rule out the possibility of him joining a Saudi Arabian side or the MLS. And with Xavi suggesting Messi’s arrival will further enhance his team, Barcelona will try their best to bring their beloved son back.

Which Teams Have Qualified for the Last 16 of the 2023 Argentina U-20 World Cup?

Which Teams Have Qualified for the Last 16 of the 2023 Argentina U-20 World Cup?

Half of the 16 knockout stages have been filled, one of which was by hosts Argentina.

Mavericksystemscorp.comGroups A and B of the 2023 U-20 World Cup in Argentina have completed all matches, and following this development, now as many as eight countries have sealed spots in the last 16 phase.

Argentina, which replaces Indonesia as the host of the tournament, is certain to advance from Group A with a perfect record after beating Uzbekistan 2-1, beating Guatemala three goals without reply, and finally partying five goals without reply against New Zealand.

Uzbekistan locked a ticket as runner-up in Group A after beating Guatemala 2-0 in the closing party.

Not only Argentina, the United States in Group B also finished with 100 percent wins from three matchdays. The USMNT (United States Men’s National Soccer Team) successively beat Ecuador 1-0, Fiji 3-0, and ended the preliminary round with a 2-0 win over Slovakia.

Ecuador accompanied the US to advance to the last 16 after a massive victory over Fiji, NINE GOALS without reply!

The other four groups have yet to play their final matches, but the four contestants who have managed to harvest a maximum of six points from two matches have been confirmed to qualify, namely Colombia in Group C, Nigeria in Group D, England in Group E, and what is surprising is the success of Gambia to top Group F after beat Honduras and France with an identical score of 2-1.

Which Teams Have Qualified for the Last 16 of the 2023 Argentina U-20 World Cup?

As well as being filled with group winners and runners-up, the round of 16 of the U-20 World Cup will also involve the four best third-placed teams. Here is the schedule for the third decisive matchday in the group phase.

2023 U-20 World Cup Group Stage Matchday 3 Schedule



Kick-Off (WIB) Pertandingan Grup Live Streaming
27 Mei 01:00 WIB Ekuador 9-0 Fiji B Vidio
27 Mei 01:00 WIB Slowakia 0-2 Amerika Serikat B Vidio
27 Mei 04:00 WIB Uzbekistan 2-0 Guatemala A Vidio
27 Mei 04:00 WIB Selandia Baru 0-5 Argentina A Vidio
28 Mei 01:00 WIB Brasil vs Nigeria D Vidio
28 Mei 01:00 WIB Republik Dominika vs Italia D Vidio
28 Mei 04:00 WIB Kolombia vs Senegal C Vidio
28 Mei 04:00 WIB Jepang vs Israel C Vidio
29 Juni 01:00 WIB Irak vs Inggris E Vidio
29 Mei 01:00 WIB Tunisia vs Uruguay E Vidio
29 Mei 04:00 WIB Honduras vs Prancis F Vidio
29 Mei 04:00 WIB Korea Selatan vs Gambia F Vidio


Arsenal's Angry Line Up! Smash Wolverhampton At Granit Xhaka Farewell Party

Arsenal’s Angry Line Up! Smash Wolverhampton At Granit Xhaka Farewell Party

Mavericksystemscorp.comArsenal failed to win the English Premier League, but managed to close the season with a positive score against Wolverhampton in the final weekend.


Arsenal vented their disappointment after losing to Manchester City in the English Premier League title race last week. The Gunners, who this season made a record as the longest team at the top of the standings without a champion, crushed Wolverhampton with a score of 5-0 at the Emirates Stadium in the final week of the EPL, Sunday (28/5) evening WIB.

Xhaka, who has been widely linked with an exit from north London, opened Arsenal’s lead in the 11th minute, converting Gabriel Jesus’ cross with a header that hit Jose Sa but the Portuguese keeper failed to keep it in the net.

Arsenal's Angry Line Up! Smash Wolverhampton At Granit Xhaka Farewell Party

The Swiss midfielder then doubled Arsenal’s score and scored his goal three minutes later. Receiving a gag ball from Bukayo Saka, Xhaka fired a shot which again hit Wolves’ goal.

Arsenal were really on fire, and were already 3-0 up in the 27th minute after Saka fired a beautiful banana kick from the right side of the field.

The rampage of Mikel Arteta’s men did not end there, Jesus also entered the scoreboard by heading in Leandro Trossard’s cross in the 58th minute.

Jakub Kiwior closed the party with his first goal for Arsenal in the 78th minute. Sa again failed to block the ball perfectly, and the ball returned to the net for the fifth time.

Wow, Vinicius Junior Seriously Wants to Leave Real Madrid?

Wow, Vinicius Junior Seriously Wants to Leave Real Madrid?

Mavericksystemscorp.comVinicius Junior is claimed to be disappointed at the lack of support he has received from Real Madrid regarding cases of racism.

Vinicius is subjected to racial abuse again
Claimed to be disappointed in Real Madrid, wants to leave
Carlo Ancelotti spoke up

Vinicius Junior was subjected to racist abuse by Valencia fans when Real Madrid visited the Mestalla, Sunday (21/5).

The Brazilian winger has been disillusioned with La Liga president Javier Tebas’ attitude in this case, and the two have engaged in an open battle of words on social media, with Tebas apparently more worried about the league’s image than Vinicius himself.

However, per Athletic, he is also said to be disappointed with the lack of support his club has been providing, and could choose to leave Los Blancos because of it.


The coach, Carlo Ancelotti, dismissed these rumors, and is sure that the Brazilian star will stay at the Santiago Bernabeu and fight against the perpetrators of racism.

Asked about Vinicius’ future, Ancelotti told a news conference: “Vinicius loves football and Vinicius loves Real Madrid. I don’t think he really plans to leave, that’s not what he has in mind here.”

“He loves Real Madrid so much, wants to continue playing here, make history with this team and win titles with this club.”

“Of course these things make you disappointed, but the main choice is not to leave Real Madrid and this country.”


La Liga has already annulled Vinicius’ red card in that match and punished the closure of the Mestalla’s south stand for five games, plus fined Valencia 45,000 euros, who also vowed to ban racist players from the stadium for life.

Real Madrid also showed their support for Vinicius, by wearing a jersey bearing the name of the Brazilian star ahead of the match against Rayo Vallecano, Thursday (25/5) early morning WIB, which they won with a score of 2-1.


Wow, Vinicius Junior Seriously Wants to Leave Real Madrid?


After his red card was revoked, Vinicius could compete in the contest between Real Madrid and Sevilla on Sunday (28/5) at midnight WIB.

Persija Jakarta Extends Veteran Duo Contract, Arema FC Recruits Brazilian Striker, Complete Persik Kediri Legion Quota

Persija Jakarta Extends Veteran Duo Contract, Arema FC Recruits Brazilian Striker, Complete Persik Kediri Legion Quota

Mavericksystemscorp.com – Each club prepares the best composition of players so they can compete optimally in League 1 next season.

Maman Abdurahman and Tony Sucipto are certain to continue strengthening Persija Jakarta next season. The two aging players received contract extensions until the end of League 1 2023/24.

Maman and Tony’s contract extensions were inseparable from the contributions made throughout last season. The two players showed an okay game even though they were not young anymore.

In League 1 2022/23, Maman played 15 matches with eight of them as a starter. Meanwhile, Tony appeared in 17 matches, four of which fell since the early minutes.

“Thank God I will continue to play for Persija in the next season. Many developments and changes have been brought by Thomas Doll from last season, “Maman was quoted as saying on the club’s official website.

“Seeing all the processes and plans of the coach, I am sure to continue my career at Persija. I am proud to be able to continue to contribute to the team,” Maman added.

Meanwhile, Tony admitted that he was very happy to still be given the opportunity to defend Persija. He also emphasized that he would bring out all his best abilities for the Kemayoran Tigers.

“Thank God, the coaches and management still believe in me for competition this season (2023/2024). Hopefully I can always give my best for the team,” said Tony.

Arema FC hooks a Brazilian striker

Persija Jakarta Extends Veteran Duo Contract, Arema FC Recruits Brazilian Striker, Complete Persik Kediri Legion Quota

Arema FC’s hunt for new players for the 2023/24 Liga 1 continues. This time the club from Malang recruited a Brazilian striker, Gustavo Almeida.

Almeida’s arrival is expected to be a solution for Arema FC’s front line in the 2023/24 League 1. Last season, Singo Edan’s attack did not look good.

“Arema FC confirmed to recruit Gustavo Almeida with a contract duration of one year,” said Arema FC manager, Wiebie Dwi Andriyas.

“The point is, I want this year we can get a better achievement than before. We brought in Gustavo so we could bring Arema FC to great achievements,” Wiebie continued.

Before hooking Almeida, Arema FC had recruited nine local players. They are Samsudin, Dicky Agung Setiawan, Flabio Soares, Hamdi Sula, Rifad Marasabessy, Rendra Teddy, Samuel Balinsa, Ghufroni Al-Maruf, and Fardan Harahap.

Complete Peaches foreign player

The foreign player quota for Persik Kediri is complete for League 1 2023/24. Filipino defender Simen Lyngbo became the last imported legion to land.

League 1 next season will introduce a new regulation for foreign players with 5+1. Before hooking Lyngbo, Persik had secured the services of Renan Silva, Anderson do Nasicemto, Pedro Paulo, Rohit Chand and Flavio Silva.

The arrival of Lyngbo to increase the choice of defenders on the right sector. Last season, Agil Munawar was the mainstay of this position.

“Of course it’s not ideal to only rely on one player in that position and the coaching team recommends Simen Lyngbo to fill it in,” said Persik director Arief Syaifuddin.

“Apart from being at right-back, he can also play in several other positions. We hope that his presence can improve the team’s performance going forward,” Arief added.

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Evan Ferguson, Future Striker of Manchester United

Evan Ferguson, Future Striker of Manchester United

mavericksystemscorp.com – It is reported that Premier League club Manchester United have started planning their transfer activities in 2024. The Red Devils will reportedly try to recruit Evan Ferguson to be the foundation of their attack line.

Manchester United are known to be hunting for a new striker. Erik Ten Hag needs a new goal machine for his squad.

Erik Ten Hag himself reportedly wants to find a talented young striker. He wants the striker to become a mainstay of the Red Devils for the long term.

Reported by Sky Sports, Manchester United have determined who the striker is. The Red Devils will reportedly try to recruit Evan Ferguson.

Special Talent

Evan Ferguson, Future Striker of Manchester United

According to the report, Manchester United have determined that Ferguson will be their future striker.

The team nicknamed the Red Devils is reportedly very impressed with the abilities of the striker. They believe Ferguson will be a top striker in the future.

As a result they are determined to hijack his services from Brighton in 2024.

Wait a Year

The report claims that Manchester United will make a move for Ferguson in 2024.

This is because the striker recently signed a new contract at Brighton. So MU has to wait another year to be able to transport the player.

In addition they want to see Ferguson playing more regularly next season. So they have time to see if the striker really has what it takes to be a new signing for the Red Devils.

Mahar Transfers
Manchester United must prepare substantial funds to secure Ferguson’s services in 2024.

The striker is reported to be transported for a fee of around £ 80 million from Brighton.

Premier League standings


Man City






Man United






Aston Villa