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Already the English Premier League Champion this season, Pep Guardiola wants the Manchester City case to be decided immediately

Already the English Premier League Champion this season, Pep Guardiola wants the Manchester City case to be decided immediately

Mavericksystemscorp.comThere is something that is still a problem for Pep Guardiola, because the decision on their case has not been finalized.

Manchester City has been declared the 2022/23 champion
115 financial cases are still clinging to the club
Wide-scale punishment can be obtained if indeed City is guilty
WHAT HAPPENED? Pep Guardiola emphasized that he and Manchester City are quite desperate waiting for confirmation about what mistakes the club has made, even though the club itself is very sure that they have evidence that can refute all allegations.

City are reported to have taken legal steps this week to resolve this process immediately, and uniquely one of the lawyers for their team is an Arsenal fan.

WHAT WAS SAYED: Guardiola, who is currently preparing for Premier League finals, the FA Cup final and the Champions League Final, hopes for confirmation soon.

“All I want is the Premier League and the judges decide something quickly. Then, if we do fouls, everyone knows about it, and if it’s a club that we’ve believed in for many years, we’re a club that’s done right, then people have to stop talking about this.”

Already the English Premier League Champion this season, Pep Guardiola wants the Manchester City case to be decided immediately

“I want it tomorrow! This afternoon is also better, than tomorrow. I hope they are not too busy and the judges can see both sides and decide what is best, because in the end I know we win fairly what we win on the pitch and we never hesitate. Don’t wait two years. Why can’t it be faster? Within 24 hours, sat down with a lawyer present as well. Let’s stipulate this as soon as possible for the benefit of all parties,” he stressed.

WHAT ELSE: Guardiola has vowed he will stay with Man City next season, even if bad decisions could hit the club.

“I will stay put next season while ensuring that there are 110 alleged violations against us. Don’t worry, I’m still here.”

THE BIG PICTURE: City will be awaiting the outcome of their case against the investigation and it is unclear when a result or verdict can be reached.

It has been reported that the case could take years, not months, to reach a conclusion.

Bernardo Silva Pamit Pergi dari Manchester City?

Bernardo Silva Pamit Pergi dari Manchester City?

Mavericksystemscorp.comManchester City terancam eksodus gelandang di musim panas ini. Terbaru, Bernardo Silva dilaporkan ingin cabut dari Etihad Stadium di musim panas ini.

Manchester City baru saja menutup musim 2022/2023 dengan spektakuler. The Cityzens berhasil memenangkan treble winners usai menjuarai Premier League, FA Cup dan Liga Champions.

Kesuksesan Manchester City itu tidak terlepas dari peran Bernardo Silva. Pemain timnas Portugal itu berkontribusi banyak atas kesuksesan tim besutan Pep Guardiola tersebut.

Manchester Evening News mengklaim bahwa kebersamaan Silva dan City berpotensi berakhir. Sang playmaker dikabarkan meminta untuk dijual di musim panas ini.

Cari Tantangan Baru

Menurut laporan tersebut, Silva ingin meninggalkan Manchester City karena merasa sudah cukup berada di sana.

Ia sudah memenangkan semua trofi yang bisa ia menangkan. Jadi ia merasa perjalanannya di Etihad Stadium sudah selesai.

Ia ingin mencari tantangan baru, sehingga ia meminta manajemen City untuk melepaskannya di musim panas ini.

Bernardo Silva Pamit Pergi dari Manchester City?

Dua Peminat

Laporan tersebut mengklaim bahwa sudah ada dua klub yang berminat menampun Silva di musim panas ini.

Kedua klub itu adalah PSG dan Barcelona. Mereka dikabarkan sudah lama mengincar jasa pemain timnas Portugal tersebut.

Alhasil mereka akan mencoba menego Manchester City untuk melepaskan sang playmaker di musim panas ini.

Harga Mahal

Manchester City sendiri dikabarkan sudah siap berpisah dengan Silva. Namun mereka meminta bayaran yang mahal untuk sang pemain.

The Cityzens hanya mau melepaskan Silva di angka 75 juta pounds dan mereka tidak mau angka ini ditawar.


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