Team Qualifications

Laser alignment - experience matters!

Laser alignment – experience matters!

Laser alignment – experience matters! – Would you let someone perform laser surgery on your eyes without knowing how much experience he has on the equipment or whether the person using the laser is qualified?

The same applies to your machines. If you are expecting the best results possible, you need to know if the technician performing the alignments and accuracys on your equipment is factory trained and certified with the laser equipment they are using. Not only are our technicians fully trained and factory certified on the laser equipment, they all have a minimum of 8 years experience in the field.

Training and Experience – Team Qualifications

The laser technicians on staff at Maverick Systems Corporation have undergone extensive factory classroom training and certification through Hamar Laser, Inc. and Renishaw Laser. They are certified and experienced in all fields of machine geometry’s with the Hamar laser to ensure flatness, straightness, parallelism, perpendicularity of all axes, as well as extruder barrel alignment, injection molding platen alignment, spindle and bore alignment. With the Renishaw laser, they are trained and certified for linear positioning, repeatability, accuracy of movement, and are qualified to perform linear axis compensation in system controls to match the actual movement of the machines. They are fully trained on both the laser systems software and reporting systems so they can provide you with accurate and instant results on the machines alignment and accuracy.

Insist on more than just laser equipment knowledge

All of our laser technicians are also experienced millwrights in the machine tool and plastics industries, with up to 20 years of hands-on experience on a wide variety of machines. They know and understand the specifics of an extensive array of machines and can clearly communicate the factory requirements of your equipment and the steps necessary to correct misalignments.

Laser alignment - experience matters!

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They have an arsenal of laser equipment and software at their disposal to assist them in determining any problems or issues you may have with your machines. They work intimately with your technicians on each project to ensure that all misalignments or the issues causing the misalignments are corrected according to factory specifications or as close to tolerance as the machine’s condition will allow. They also work directly with our electronics and controls technician, if needed, to ensure that during the alignment process the machine is operated correctly and that the alignments are in strict adherence to the programming within the control. On new machine installations, the laser technician will also work directly with the control manufacturer representative on site.

Leadership and industry expertise

Maverick Systems Corporation’s Field Services division is led by one of the foremost laser and machine experts in the field with almost two decades of industry experience. Building on this leadership, with our commitment to training and innovation, we have assembled a professional, highly qualified team who has undergone extensive classroom training and certification in all facets of machine tool and manufacturing installation, maintenance and laser alignment.