Heating system

Mechanical Installation Systems

Mechanical Installation Systems

Mechanical Installation Systems – Mechanical Installation is the whole of the projects that are designed to increase the living standards and comfort in the construction works and constitute the interior of the building. Mechanical engineering is the branch of engineering.


Mechanical installation services can be listed as follows.


  • – Solar Power Installation
  • – Heating Systems
  • – Laundry and Kitchen Facilities
  • – Plumbing
  • – Natural Gas Installation
  • – Air Conditioning Installation
  • – Ventilation Installation
  • – Scientific examination
  • – Fire Installation
  • – Elevator Installation
  • – Compressed Air Installation
  • – Medical Gas Installation
  • – Steam, Condends, Hot Water and Hot Oil Installation
  • – Mechanical Automation
  • – Pool Facilities


Construction, construction, mechanical engineering, heating, cooling, ventilation and fire extinguishing systems. Mechanical installation, mechanical engineer and technical draftsmen prepare.


Mechanical installation is one of the four main project departments in the construction sector: static, architectural, electrical and mechanical.


In recent times, electromechanical electrical installation projects have become almost two working together with almost the foundation. Mechanical installation projects are prepared by mechanical engineers and technical painters. In these projects, which determine the mechanical infrastructure of buildings, industrial facilities, it is stated how the building’s heating, cooling, ventilation, fire prevention system will be and the types and powers of these devices and where the clean water and sewage lines of the building will pass.


Mechanical installation; This standard covers all components of the building, which are designed to increase living standards and comfort in construction, construction and industrial plant works. Therefore, it is important that each system is compatible with each other and works as a support for each other and establish the full quality.

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Mechanical Installation Systems

  • • Comfortable conditions
  • • Functionality
  • • Reliability
  • • Robustness and Long Life
  • • Compliance with advanced technology
  • • Low costs for initial investment
  • • Ease of application
  • • Ease of installation, repair, maintenance
  • • Ease of Use
  • • Expandability
  • • Water and Energy saving
  • • Environmental sensitivity
  • • After-sales installation, effectiveness of service support
  • • Sustainability of brand and product



Mechanical Installation Systems consists of 7 parts.

  1. 1. Heating system: It covers the parts that allow the building to heat up. Heating boilers or other heating equipment also includes radiators, fan-coils, convectors.
  2. 2. Cooling-Air conditioning system: This system covers the cooling of the structure in hot times. Air conditioner and so on. and Fan coil, air conditioners.
  3. 3. Ventilation system: It keeps the air in the building fresh and clean and allows the dirty air to be ejected. The ventilation system includes air handling units and fans.
  4. 4. Clean water system: Purified Water is called clean water. Water tanks are also water treatment and water softening systems. It covers domestic and potable water systems.
  5. 5. Wastewater system: Provides the safe and comfortable transportation of waste water to the exterior of the building. The building is about sewage and water costs.
  6. 6. Hot water system: It provides the production of hot water required for cleaning, washing or needs. Natural gas includes hot water production systems such as coal and diesel oil.
  7. 7. Fire-extinguishing system: In case of fire in a short time to intervene systems.